This is a recreational activity that family members of all ages can enjoy. We are selling gem and gold pay dirt for people to enjoy sifting and panning in the comfort of their home as well as welcoming visitors to our retail and panning location in Draper, VA in 2022.

Anyone will be able to find the gemstones, as the gems can not go through the screen. Those who buy the gold bags may need some additional instruction for panning, if they have not panned before. We are working to make a detailed video on panning, and can offer instruction to local customers. We have all the supplies you need as well. Our products and services are educational. Customers can make jewelry, great for collecting, birthday parties, or treasure hunts.

David Stowers, owner –

David has been enjoying the hunt for gold and gems for many years.  He has always loved the outdoors and has a great sense of adventure. From spelunking, to mining, David continues to spend every moment he can with nature, family and his passion for mining.